Waymaker Advisor Certification

45 minutes

Waymaker Academy


The Waymaker Certified Advisor Certification is the pinnacle credential for business advisors who aim to be leaders of leaders in both business and leadership growth.

Priced at $299 AUD, the test is non-proctored and accessible to professionals globally.

This certification serves as the capstone to all prior Waymaker certifications, including Platform Specialist, EX Consultant, CX Consultant, Business Consultant, and Leadership Coach.

Key Competencies Acquired

  • Leading all aspects of strategic change in both leaders and businesses
  • Mastery of the Waymaker Leadership Curve frameworks
  • Conducting both leadership and business diagnostics in Waymaker to identify growth gaps
  • Leading executive coaching sessions
  • Facilitating strategic and business planning sessions
  • Aligning teams through agile goal methodologies using Waymaker
  • Implementing effective leadership frameworks using Waymaker
  • Building, implementing, and teaching the best practices of using Waymaker
  • Achieving demonstrable business improvement across multiple organizational functions

Target Audience

This certification is ideal for:

  • Business Coaches
  • Consultants

Objectives for Certified Advisors

Upon successful completion, certified individuals will gain:

  1. Expertise in Leadership and Business Growth: Recognition as an authority in both leadership and business growth advisory services.
  2. Comprehensive Toolkit: A complete set of playbooks, frameworks, templates, and how-to guides for leading a business to consistent, repeatable growth.
  3. Demonstrable ROI: A way to show tangible returns on the effort invested in designing and building a better business.
  4. Flexibility: The ability to work both in-person and online with businesses and organizations in your niche or specialty.

Benefits of the Certification

Expertise and Recognition

The certification establishes you as an expert in leadership and business growth advisory services, enhancing your professional credibility and market value.

Comprehensive Toolkit for Growth

Certified individuals receive a complete set of playbooks, frameworks, templates, and how-to guides, enabling them to lead businesses toward consistent, repeatable growth.

Demonstrable ROI

The certification equips you with the methodologies to implement demonstrable business improvements, thereby providing a tangible return on investment for your clients.

Flexibility and Reach

The certification allows you the flexibility to work both in-person and online, expanding your reach to businesses and organizations globally.

For those in roles such as a fractal Chief of Staff, this certification aligns closely with the responsibilities and skills required, making it a valuable asset for career advancement and organizational impact.

Waymaker Academy is open to all users of Waymaker, even if you do not have an app license yet.

To get started, choose a course, if you don’t have a user ID, you can create one and use that when you enter other courses.

If you want to see your badges and certifications against your profile in the Waymaker App, then ensure your Academy and App email are the same. All courses can also be accessed from main menu in the app.

Waymaker Advisor Certification

45 minutes

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