The 5 responsibilities of a leader

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Course overview

Leadership is a multifaceted role that goes beyond mere management. It encompasses a blend of character, values, skills, and systems. But at its core, what does a leader truly do?

This course delves into the fundamental responsibilities of a leader, providing a clear roadmap for those aspiring to lead with purpose, clarity, and impact.

Learning outcomes

  1. Understand the Essence of Leadership:
    • Recognize the distinction between leadership skills/systems and leadership responsibilities.
    • Appreciate the importance of character, values, skills, and systems in shaping effective leadership.
  2. Identify the Five Core Responsibilities of a Leader:
    • Thinking: Understand the importance of connecting facts with feelings for critical decision-making.
    • Planning: Learn how to bridge possibilities with practicality, charting a clear path forward.
    • Inspiring: Grasp the art of connecting the current state with the desired future, motivating others to embrace change.
    • Equipping: Recognize the significance of connecting skills and systems to delegate growth effectively.
    • Empowering: Understand the essence of connecting ownership with accountability, enabling others to execute to excellence.
  3. Interpret Leadership Diagnostic Results:
    • Analyze the results of the Waymaker Leadership Diagnostic’s responsibilities assessment.
    • Understand the value creation metric and its implications for leadership development.
  4. Engage in Self-Reflection and Goal Setting:
    • Reflect on personal leadership strengths, weaknesses, and areas of focus.
    • Determine which responsibility requires immediate attention and improvement.
    • Formulate actionable goals based on diagnostic results and personal reflections.
  5. Implement Goal Planning Techniques:
    • Familiarize oneself with Waymaker’s Roadmap, Prioritize page, and goal-setting methodologies.
    • Understand the distinction between goals, outcomes, and tasks in the context of leadership development.
    • Learn best practices for setting inspirational, significant, and achievable leadership goals.
  6. Apply Practical Leadership Examples:
    • Analyze real-world leadership goal examples to gain insights into effective goal formulation and execution.
    • Understand the importance of outcomes as measurable evidence of goal achievement.

By the end of this course, participants will have a comprehensive understanding of the core responsibilities that define a leader. They will be equipped with the tools, insights, and methodologies to introspect, set actionable goals, and lead with purpose and impact.

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1 hour

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