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Waymaker.io brand assets

This page is for those who are partnering with us, writing about us or sharing the good news and tools of Waymaker.io

If you’re a news organization wanting a comment, contact us here.

If you’re looking for the right asset to communication Waymaker, refer to the list below.

To download, click to open or right click to download and save as. 

Waymaker.io brandmark

For use to identify Waymaker.io and it’s organization.

If you are a news site, blogger, reviewer or other organsiation writing about Waymaker.io, this is the brand identity to use. 

Use this brand mark to refer to the software platform and the organization of Waymaker and the preferred reference is https://waymaker.io

Waymaker - your strategic command centre
Visit waymaker
Waymaker W Icon
Waymaker Inline Reverse
Waymaker Inline Reverse
Waymaker Icon Reverse

Partner badge

For organizations (individuals) who have signed the partner agreement.

The partner badge recognises the partner organization as a partner of Waymaker.

Use this to demonstrate your credibility and connection within the community of Waymakers.

Our partner agreement governs the use of brand assets.

Waymaker Partner Badge
Waymaker Partner badge

Advisor certification

For individuals who have completed the Waymaker Advisor Certification course.

On completion you will have been emailed the course certificate and a link to the badge.

This will always be the most up to date version of the badge.

Waymaker Advisor Certification

Waymaker Academy

For partners and user organizations who are referring other users on to access courses and content within Waymaker Academy.

Waymaker Academy is a collection of bite sized brilliant courses to help leaders and their teams achieve more while doing less.

On completion of a course you will have been emailed the course certificate and a link to the relevant badge. To access specific course badges, go to the relevant course in Waymaker Academy and download from the course page. 

You can use these course badges on your social profiles, identities and any other relevant platform to promote you and your skills learned through Waymaker.

Waymaker Academy
Waymaker Academy B&W

General software images

For those writing about or promoting the platform, Waymaker.io, these images represent different scenarios and modules of Waymaker.io.

For any questions on custom or specific images, reach out to our support team via the app or here.