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How we make a way

About Waymaker

Waymaker is AI powered leadership software.

Waymaker helps hybrid & decentralized organizations plan faster & work smarter in volatile and disruptive times. These organizations tend to be in property, aged care, tourism, development, and business services.

To do that we provide AI powered leadership software which aligns teams to the highest value work on a daily basis.

The problem is decentralized and hybrid teams typically have fragmented & complex data and a completing network of stakeholders. This leads to slow decision making and increased delivery risk.

We exist to release leaders from reactive chaos into strategic agility.

Leading teams is hard when you are managing complex detail across time and distance. Waymaker helps leaders of hybrid & decentralized teams deliver faster with reduced risk through our intelligent leadership software.

We help leaders and teams.

Management automation

Waymaker’s powerful goal, task, and meeting tools can save tens of thousands of dollars per employee in overheads whilst increasing productivity by up to 77%

Performance intelligence

Waymaker surfaces intelligent insights that helps leaders and teams know the most effective steps to reach the next milestone. 

Continuous improvement

Every quarter Waymaker’s diagnostic tools reveal the most valuable areas of improvement for the organization, or the leader, and align teams to focus on setting goals that drive demonstrable value through real outcomes. 

To stop wasting time and increase your team’s productivity, schedule a demo at Waymaker.io/discovery

And, you can download our eBooks or listen to our podcasts at Waymaker.io/learn

Welcome to the Waymaker leadership experience.

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Waymaker’s seek to live out our core values & principles.

Strive for greatness

Strength through humility

Wisdom in action

Servant leadership

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